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Training Today for Tomorrow’s Experts


Our goal at Michigan Backflow Institute is to help the testers of today become the experts of tomorrow.

We offer 40-hour certification classes, as well as recertification and continuing education courses. The hands-on lab facilities at our brick-and-mortar school give our students opportunity to practice and refine testing procedures, as well as learn to repair assemblies. Our permanent test stands are available for our students’ ongoing use to practice or refresh, even after they have completed their class.

Use our over 50 years of combined experience in the field and classroom to gain your advantage over your competition.

Backflow Assembly Certification - Waterford, MI

Certification Courses:

  • 5110 – Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester
  • 5130 – Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer (ADD)
  • 5140 – Fire Sprinkler Cross-Connection Control Tester

Recent changes in the law, in effect as of January 1, 2018, states that only backflow prevention assembly test forms performed and signed by ASSE 5110 certified tester can be accepted by public water system personnel. It is now necessary to become certified and stay certified through continuing education courses. Lean on our experience and practical knowledge to guide you through to certification.

What Does It Take To Earn An ASSE Certification?

According to Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality, “An individual must have sufficient relevant experience to qualify for the required 40-hour course. Following the course, the individual must pass an exam by demonstrating proficiency in testing.” For individuals to keep their ASSE 5110 certification active, they must continue their education and renew their certificate every three years.
Backflow Prevention Certification - Waterford, MI
For more information about earning your ASSE Backflow Certification or backflow continuing education, please contact us at 844-884-9661. We are training today for the experts of tomorrow.

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