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ASSE 5110

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester

ASSE 5130

Backflow Prevention Assembly Repairer


Put our experience to work for you. Benefit from over 65 years of combined industry expertise at Michigan Backflow Institute.

We are the ONLY non-union backflow certification school in Michigan with a permanent facility! No more cramped pop-up classes, just comfortable learning in a welcoming environment.

Our onsite training lab has 52 different test assemblies for students to use before, during, and after class for practice. This guarantees our students have all the hands-on experience they need and are fully prepared for the certification exam.

But our dedication to providing the best possible learning experience doesn’t stop there. We also offer a delicious catered lunch each day of our certification class, ensuring our students are well-fed and energized throughout the day.

Hear It Straight from Our Students

In my opinion, there are no alternatives, Michigan Backflow Institute is the only certification class you want to take due to the knowledge, professionalism, and expertise taught by a master plumber that is president of the Michigan Backflow Association and active backflow assembly field tester.

Michael B.

Did you hear the one about the backflow preventer who walked into a bar?

Okay, we won’t spoil the punchline, but we can guarantee you jokes on demand—some are even funny!

Our backflow certification training is no joke, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way. We like to keep things lively; no snoozefests here!

The way we see it, creating an enjoyable and involving learning environment is critical to helping our students fully comprehend the material and stay motivated throughout the program.

The future is bright for certified backflow professionals. Get certified today!

At Michigan Backflow Institute, we’re committed to helping you build a successful and rewarding career.

As a certified backflow professional, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to meet the growing demand for testing and repairing backflow prevention devices.

More attention is being paid to environmental and water quality issues, so cross-connection control programs are becoming increasingly important—certified professionals like you are needed now more than ever.

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Who should be ASSE certified?

Anyone who is working on the inspecting, testing, maintenance, or repairs of backflow prevention assemblies should be ASSE 5110 certified.

What is needed to become certified?

Individuals need to take an ASSE-accredited 40-hour course and complete a written and practical exam to demonstrate their proficiency.

It’s important to note ASSE 5110 certification is only valid for three years. Every three years, individuals must pass another exam to maintain their certification.

Who is eligible to take the 40-hour ASSE 5110 course?

In order to qualify for the required 40-hour course, new guidelines through Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy as well as Licensing and Regulatory Affairs requires individuals to have a Michigan plumbing license as well as 5 years of related piping experience.

Who is eligible to take the ASSE 5130 course?

Individuals must have a valid ASSE 5110 Certification and must be a licensed plumber in the state of Michigan.
It’s important to note ASSE 5130 certification is only valid for three years. Every three years, individuals must pass another exam to maintain their certification.